Antidote Memories ReFill
Antidote Memories

An unmissable patch collection that is packed full of gorgeous evolving ambiences, deep 90's trance-tinged pads, classic laid-back 80's synthwave leads and uplifing but contemplative arpeggiations. Borrowing a slew of influences ranging from cheesy 80's love songs (Phil Collins, Lionel Richie) through 90's trance anthems (Energy 52, Cygnus X, Robert Miles) and finally onto the modern Synthwave movement (Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk)Antidote Memories introduces a world of tastefully nostalgic patches and combinators Read more…

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Aesthetic Flow ReFill
Aesthetic Flow

With a plethora of zen-infused ambience patches, deep-evolving atmospheric pads and sun-soaked leads full of nostalgic sentiment. Aesthetic Flow embodies your thoughts and will stimulate pure creative flow leaving you in a state of bliss. Drawing inspiration from the works of David Lynch and music from Angelo Badalamenti. Aesthetic Flow aims to provide a library of weird and wonderful patches that invoke a strong and emotive sense of flow that you simply cannot ignore. Read more…

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Europa Grid Sequence ReFill
Europa Grid Sequence

Filled to the brim with evolving textures, bubbling basses, wide-expansive pads and other-worldly leads. The Europa Grid Sequence ReFill is a cinematic space opera toolkit that focuses on modern digital synthesis techniques in order to create a useful set of patches and ensembles that will inspire you. Taking cues from video game soundtracks found in the likes of Electronic Arts “Mass Effect” (Jack Wall and Sam Hulick), Hello Games “No Man’s Sky” (65daysofstatic) and Frontier Developments “Elite: Dangerous” Read more…

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Granular Manoeuvres ReFill
Granular Manoeuvres

Packed full of warm organic tones, twisted film-score textures, lush analogue pads and drifting lofi-downtempo leads. The Granular Manoeuvres ReFill has a strong focus organic analogue timbres and cinematic soundscapes such as those found on 1990’s Warp Records releases from Boards of Canada, Black Dog Productions, Autechre and Aphex Twin as well as 80’s film soundtracks from Vangelis, John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel et al and late 70’s ambient/avant-garde music from the all the usual suspects. – Read more…

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Rostnomo Ambiento ReFill
Rostnomo Ambiento

I’ve cooked up a free refill containing 50 combinators based on the Rostnomo random synth from Lectric Panda. It’s a really handy and free device you all should download. Perfect for all types of ambient music.

Big thanks to Lectric Panda for for bringing us this awesome RE. Enjoy the patches and happy music making!

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