Europa Grid Sequence ReFill

Back in action after 3 months of virtual knob-twiddling and ReFill packing, I am ready to present to you the second chapter in SKP storyline. Following on from Granular Manoeuvres arrives a space exploration journey entitled Europa Grid Sequence.

Filled to the brim with evolving textures, bubbling basses, wide-expansive pads and other-worldly leads. Europa Grid Sequence is a cinematic space opera toolkit that focuses on modern digital synthesis techniques in order to create a useful set of patches and ensembles that will inspire you.

Taking cues from video game soundtracks found in the likes of Electronic Arts “Mass Effect” (Jack Wall and Sam Hulick), Hello Games “No Man’s Sky” (65daysofstatic) and Frontier Developments  “Elite: Dangerous” (Erasmus Talbot). Europa Grid Sequence will catapult your creative juices through time and space.

The Europa Grid Sequence ReFill contains a total of 250 patches including 50 Combinator ensembles for Reason 10’s new Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer.

Europa Grid Sequence is a collection of:

  • 50 Ambience & texture patches
  • 25 Bubbling bass patches
  • 50 Other-worldly leads
  • 50 Expansive pads
  • 25 Animated movement patches
  • 50 Combinator ensembles

In addition to the single patches you also have 50 powerful Combinator ensembles featuring 2x patch layers with extra effects processing ala Korg workstation Combi mode or Roland and Yamaha’s Performance modes. Simply swap out the Europa elements with any of the included patches and tweak the Combinator controls for near infinite patch possibilities.

Europa Grid Sequence Combinator

All of the ReFill content has been finely-tuned making full use of Europa’s shapeshifting abilities including the engine modifiers, spectral filter, mod matrix, envelopes and onboard effects processors.

The patches contained within Europa Grid Sequence all sound fantastic right off the bat, and include full velocity sensitivity and mod wheel assignments on every patch throughout the ReFill. All sounds are calibrated to average -12dBFS (VU) to avoid any unwanted sonic surprises.

Europa Grid Sequence is available now for £14.95. (Requires Reason version 10 or above)

Click here to download a small demo selection of demo patches to get a feel for the package.

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