Hello folks,

I’ve cooked up a free refill containing 50 combinators based on the Rostnomo random synth from Lectric Panda. It’s a really handy and free device you all should download. Perfect for all types of ambient music.

Rostnomo Ambiento Free ReFill

Control over filter cutoff, resonance, delay, reverb and filter type, it’s both useful and useable. 

If you don’t have Rostnomo you can download it from the Propellerheads shop here –

https://shop.propellerheads.se/product/ … nthesizer/

You can download the free refill here (enter 0 at checkout for the free download) –

Download Now

Big thanks to Lectric Panda for for bringing us this awesome RE. Enjoy the patches and happy music making!

Nick Baxter
SKP Sound Design